Don't have 30 days to go on a Voyage to a fancy destination?  Invite Voyage to Bliss to your office. We'll perk up your team. 

Inner Compass Workshop



It’s often said that ‘the key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule. But to schedule your priorities.’ What are your priorities today? Are they consistent with where you want to be in 5 years? This workshop was designed for teams navigating a sea of unknowns, yet with each individual destined to live out their dreams. We’ll learn highly effective techniques to create a tailored roadmap.

What to Expect

  • Cement the values and priorities that will guide you

  • Script what a successful (and happy) future life looks like

  • Unearth the major roadblocks slowing us down

  • Discover allies who are integral to our journey

  • Close the gap between your future self and your current self


Why take Inner Compass Workshop

This 60-minute workshop will help identify blockages your team might have from reaching peak personal and professional performance.  The feeling of 'being lost' has detrimental impact on our speed, contributions, and talent. This session will help each individual to script their own roadmap. Once this is established, your team may feel an innate sense of self-confidence, increase in creativity, and a decline in complaining! 


Well-Being and You Workshop



More companies are making investments into employee health and wellness, especially since the World Health Organization deemed workplace stress as the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century.’  This workshop was designed for those seeking to improve well-being, increase focus, gain clarity and notch up on connecting with yourself, your team, and your most valuable clients.

What to Expect

  • How can you boost productivity / wins on a daily basis? We’ll use sports psychology utilized by one of the most successful Olympic coaches in modern history

  • What are some of the most stressed countries in the world? Do you live in one of them? Do you travel there on business?

  • What are some common situational and mental stressors? Let’s evaluate 16 of them. How many are you regularly experiencing?

  • Team Exercise: Opening breathing exercise that is highly effective in daily stress reduction (3:2 ratio)

  • How old are you? What did a Tasmanian-born Nobel Prize winning scientist discover about the impact of stress on chromosomes?

  • Focus on Breathing: High vs Medium vs Low Breathing. Do you breathe through your nose, mouth or both? What do pediatricians recommend for children?

  • Team Exercise: Let’s practice a breathing exercise to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (4:4 ratio)

  • We’ll conclude with a list of recommendations to integrate well-being into your day


Why take Well-Being and You Workshop

This 90-minute workshop will help your team understand the importance of work-life balance - 100% impact at work, and 100% rejuvenation at home.  The feeling of 'being overwhelmed' has detrimental issues on the quality of our work, our interactions with colleagues/clients, and the ability to think (and execute) at a 10x capacity. This session will help individuals to identify how they can take control of their own well-being, identify situational and mental stressors that restrict momentum, and discover the best ROI activities to meaningfully unlock reserves of energy.

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