A Voyage

The world is your classroom. Voyage to Bliss is an intense 1 month travel experience. We really want you to take a break. In fact, we will pay you US$1,800 to cover your airfare.

Voyage to Bliss is a process of self-unraveling. Looking inward may help generate confidence, determination, and the ability to make significant contributions to the world. It also provides innumerable rewards for those who surround this individual.

We are seeking Voyagers to take 30 days ‘off’ from their daily work, daily life. Leave behind corporate ladder climbing and social media. Take a journey to a place you’ve never been to before. Start fresh. Reset your priorities with a big picture view. Connect with the real you.

During the 30 Days

Experience: Your goal during this month is to focus on yourself. No work projects. No deadlines. Do what your gut’s calling you to participate in. Every day.

Appreciation:  The new moments. The people you met. The sounds, textures and colors of your surroundings. Reflect through daily journaling, contemplation, and silence. 

After the 30 Days:

Share:  Capture your Voyage's key ‘aha’ moments through a reflection video

The Details

- Ability to spend time with yourself (yes, you) in enriching self-growth oriented practices.

- Internet cleanse. Free from all emails, social media, instant messages, and digital responsibilities. This is your chance to experience the beautiful world in front, around, and inside you.

- At the time of application, you must be holding a full-time job. If you can gain approval for a 1-month break, do remember to turn on Out of Office. And no peeking. This is a rare opportunity to be off the grid and do something meaningful.

- Ability to spend 30 days in a country you’ve never been before. This is vital, as it puts you out of your comfort zone and deprioritizes habits, routines, domestic errands, and social obligations.

- A gentle warning. The Voyage is not for the faint of heart. There will be lonely moments, when you might ask yourself "What am I doing here? I wanna go back home to my family and friends. I miss Bejeweled 3!"  

It'll be alright. We want you to be prepared. We'll schedule a 90-minute pre-Voyage orientation to brief you on your trip, expectations, logistics, safety. In addition, we'll walk you through the Voyage to Bliss kit (below), which contains self-reflection questions and groovy activities to participate with others. 

Once returning, we will connect with you for a 90-minute post-Voyage orientation to help welcome and integrate you back in your world. Thanks to your experiences abroad and new perspectives, you may return with a zest for life. We want you to sustain this momentum at work, at home. This way, the benefits of the Voyage continue to remain with you. 


- The objective of the Voyage is not to separate you from your real life back home, at work, or from the people that matter. It's about giving you a) space and b) time to connect you with what's truly important to you.


We will fund you US$1,800 to cover your airfare. Once on the new land, all other expenses are the responsibility of the individual. 

Ready. Set. Go.

How do you want to utilize your superhero skills? Who do you want to spend more time with? What activities bring you the most joy?  Answers to many questions will start surfacing through this Voyage. Apply now.

Our Voyagers

Each Voyager is chosen from a wide pool of candidates who applied from around the world.  In the last year, we received applications from 5 continents.  Many of the applicants we heard from love their jobs. Some are at an inflection point in their careers. No matter what, it is clear they want a pause to figure out what's important in life. 

Introducing Our Voyagers


Seth Vayu

Lives in: Brisbane, Australia

Voyage to Bliss: Canada

Seth works in Marketing in the video gaming industry. After a battle with cancer, Seth knew it was time for a proper R&R.  He found a cabin in the woods outside the mountains of Vancouver. Listen to Seth's story in his pre-departure video. Seth is now writing a book to encourage others to find their bliss, without leaving their hometown.


Jenna Halase

Lives in: Portland, Oregon

Voyage to Bliss: New Zealand

Jenna is an emergency responder and has been on the ground providing relief services at a number of major disasters, including the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Katrina hurricane, and 9/11. Jenna's trip to New Zealand was unique in that part of her journey in the South Island was completed on horseback. 



A few of our favorite gems to inspire a mini breather.

Pause is written by Rachel O'Meara about reassessing your life with a clear head and diving back in with purpose and poise. In this book, Rachel guides the reader through actionable steps for creating a pause journey - from highlighting signs you need a meaningful break to planning your epic journey to reentering the world through clarity 

Solve for Happy is written by Mo Gawdat, a leading tech executive about creating and maintaining happiness.  Based on his personal life experience coupled with intense research, Mo has developed an algorithm to solve for happiness.

'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.'                                                - George Bernard Shaw


Apply now or encourage a friend to apply and get packing!