Even the best jobs can lead to frustrations and even a burnout

A few of our favorite gems to inspire a mini breather.

Pause is written by Rachel O'Meara about reassessing your life with a clear head and diving back in with purpose and poise. In this book, Rachel guides the reader through actionable steps for creating a pause journey - from highlighting signs you need a meaningful break to planning your epic journey to reentering the world through clarity 

Solve for Happy is written by Mo Gawdat, a leading tech executive about creating and maintaining happiness.  Based on his personal life experience coupled with intense research, Mo has developed an algorithm to solve for happiness.

FAQ's on Voyage to Bliss

A few of the questions we've received.

Q: How can I have my application stand out? Would you be able to share any tips?

A: It’s ideal to submit a compelling application that conveys your commitment to learn, grow, and give back if selected. A few areas to keep in mind.

1.      Are you Eligible? Ensure you are eligible before applying. Check out the program details so you know what’s expected of you, and make sure you are answering the applications questions asked.

2.      What's Your Purpose? Be clear about why you want to take a Voyage. Where are you in your life? How will the Voyage help you reach your personal or professional goals? What kind of impact can you make on a) yourself and b) your existing company/organization? 

3.      Where do you want to go on your Voyage? We are looking for applicants who already have a location, indicative dates, and potential self-growth activities in mind. You don’t have to have all the details (and shouldn’t) - that takes the fun out! 

4.      Can you sort out Logistics? US$1,800 could get you an economy flight to almost anywhere in the world. To ensure Voyagers can realistically afford the entire trip, we want to make sure you can cover the other travel expenses (lodging, meals, ground transport). Let us know you’ve thought this through, including how much you anticipate the whole trip will cost.

5.      Are you able to share the True You?  We want to see your inner self shine through. Be as authentic as you can be.  Your responses should give us an insider’s peek into your life and ethos.

6.      What's the point? Each question has a maximum word limit. That can go really quickly when you’re describing your ultimate Voyage. Consider typing your responses on a separate document first. This allows you to review, revise, and come back to it a few days later with a fresh perspective. 

7.      Can you have your application read by a friend? Using the document you created, have your best friend, family member, or co-worker read your application before submitting it. Not only will they help catch silly typos, they may have valuable insight on how to objectively frame your Voyage. Once you have their perspective, copy and paste your final answers into the online form.

Q: Do I have to be a certain nationality?

A:  We welcome applicants who are citizens of any nation in the world (or Mars!)

Q:  What's the age limit?

A:  You are above 25 and are full time at a company/organization

Q:  If selected, what do you recommend I do before commencing the Voyage?

A:  Ensure you have communicated your trip to your manager and colleagues so there is coverage while you are away. Turn on the Out of Office.  Also touch base with your closest friends and extended family, so they know you will be unreachable for a short period of time.  If social media is a significant part of your life, consider sending an update to your subscribers, followers, and friends. Perhaps you might inspire them to take mini break.

Q: What do you recommend I bring on the Voyage?

A: Beyond the usual clothing, toiletries and a map (the old school ones), consider every item you bring thoughtfully. Will it enhance understanding of yourself? For example, a notebook for your ah-ha moments could be valuable. 

Q: How will you know if I was actually on an internet / SMS cleanse?

A: There's no way for us to know. We trust you and your overarching goal on being on this Voyage.

Q:  Can I call my friends/family during the trip?

A:  Absolutely, do let them know you are safe and doing well. 

Q:  Can I travel with a friend or simply use the funds to hangout with a friend I already know in the country?

A:  This is an epic solo adventure. We would prefer if you made new and unexpected friends of all ages.  The objective of the program is to give you space / time for exploring your world and the world around you.

Q:  Can I volunteer with an organization on the ground?

A:   Nope. Your 'job' on the Voyage is to do absolutely nothing. Relax.  Boredom opens up the potential for creative thinking.

Q:  Will I need to time my travel dates or location with another Voyager?

A:  Not at all. You get to travel on the dates you choose in your preferred location. 

Q: Can I travel for more than 30 days?

A:  Yes, travel as much as you want.  

Q:  When do I find out if I won? And when can I begin and finish my travels?

A:  Successful applicants will be notified in early November. You can begin your travel any time after that and must finish the Voyage by March 31, 2019.

Q:  Who reviews the applications and ultimately selects the winners?

A:   A select panel of individuals with backgrounds in travel, tech, philosophy and storytelling will identify the Voyagers

Q.  How will I be paid?

A:  We will transfer 70% of the travel grant to your bank account before your travel. And 30% after publishing your post-Voyage blog post or video

Q:  What if I don't need the airfare grant of $1,800? 

A:  Do let us know you can self-fund in the application. If selected, we'll send you the Voyage to Bliss kit.

Q:  Tell me more about the videos. Can you share an example?

A:  The videos are a prep and post trip reflection on your Voyage. A few guiding questions for your post Voyage. What did you learn about yourself? What surprised you most? How might your trip encourage others to take a mini breather? You can see videos from our previous Voyagers on our Facebook page

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.                                                - George Bernard Shaw

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