Lighthouse: An Inner Design Program

1:1 Advisory

For all those who navigate a sea of endless unknowns, yet eager to live out individual dreams.

Evade a life half-lived. Time tested frameworks to help you spring forward

Ready. Set. Sail

The Lighthouse sessions will help:

  • Assess where you are and where you plan to go

  • Script your top goals that will guide your decisions at home and work

  • Develop your own Prioritization Hierarchy to know exactly what not to prioritize

  • Go through Sanoop’s unique 11 Dimensional Dashboard to identify your innate strengths and areas of development

  • Close the gap between your future and current selves

  • Reprogram the nervous system to enjoy confidence and calm during uncomfortable situations

  • Learn hacks to experience the endless now


Tailored for: Executives who juggle multiple stakeholders - the board, investors, management team, clients, government/regulation, media - and multiple KPI’s

Duration: The Lighthouse 1:1 format is 3 sessions long. Each session is 1-hour long and spread across a 3 weeks, with homework in between.

Medium: In person in London or video conference if abroad

“Sanoop’s program has been a catalyst for me to make immediate changes. I’d been in deep work mode, leaving me less time to chart out my life. Sanoop is a brilliant guide. He is friendly, calm, knowledgeable, and clearly practices what he teaches. During our sessions, I always like he was present with me and there for me. I highly recommend Sanoop’s program to anyone looking to shake up their trajectory.”

- Chris, Vice President, Viacom Inc (Nickelodeon/MTV)