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Applications close October 15 2017

Answer the following questions in a 2-min or less video or essay application. Send your completed application through the form below. These 3 areas will help us get to know you a bit:


1) Why do you wish to embark on a Voyage?   (200 words or less)

2) How do you see yourself maximizing your time off? Where would you travel to, why this location, and what kind of activities might you pursue? (200 words or less)

3) If money wasn't an object, what would you do with your life? (50 words or less) 

Use the form below to send through your completed application.  If you are simply curious about Voyage to Bliss and want to stay connected, give us a friendly shout.

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Eligibility for Voyage

Participants must: 

- Be 25+ with at least 3 years of professional experience at the time of application

- Be currently full-time employed with an existing organization/corporation and can gain approval for 1 month leave

- Digital cleanse during the month

- Have a track record of making an impact on your organization, company or community

- Have been secretly day dreaming of an exotic location abroad


Criteria for Voyage 

Our selection process is anchored in two criteria according to which all applicants are evaluated:

1) Readiness - You feel compelled from within to venture on a personal Voyage. The timing is now. You are mature and have demonstrated commitment to learn about yourself through growth. 

2) Impact - you will continue to have lasting impact on your employer and community upon return.