As a society, we face many forms of stress both at home and at the workplace. A recent Gallup study found that 87% of employees are not engaged at work. Why is that?

Stanford Graduate School of Business's Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer shares one perspective: "I look out at the workplace and I see stress, layoffs, longer hours, work-family conflict, enormous amounts of economic insecurity.  I see a workplace that has become shockingly inhumane."

Voyage to Bliss helps address these issues, with a focus on individual well-being.  Our programs provide an opportunity to reassess priorities, while ultimately strengthening our companies, families and communities.

Voyage to Bliss was developed by Sanoop Luke with a mission to invest in individuals. Voyage to Bliss is a learning program of IISAC, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization in the US.

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