My Approach:

  • Assess where you are and where you plan to go

  • Script your top goals that will guide your decisions at home and work

  • Develop your own Prioritization Hierarchy to know exactly what not to prioritize

  • Go through Sanoop’s unique 11 Dimensional Dashboard to identify your blind spots

  • Close the gap between your future and current selves

  • Reprogram yourself to enjoy confidence during uncomfortable situations

  • Learn hacks to be calm, present, and have joy more often


Tailored for: Individuals who juggle an array of internal and external pressures

Duration: My sessions (3 maximum, no long term commitment) are designed to get to the root of the challenges. Each session is 1-hour. Most clients see radical changes and ‘ah-ha’ moments very early in our engagement.

Mode: In person in London or phone / video conference

Next Steps: Own your path. Write a brief message to begin:

Say hello! sanoop@sanoopluke.com

“Sanoop’s program has been a catalyst for me to make immediate changes. I’d been in deep work mode, leaving me less time to chart out my life. Sanoop is a brilliant guide. He is friendly, calm, knowledgeable, and clearly practices what he teaches. During our sessions, I always like he was present with me and there for me. I highly recommend Sanoop’s program to anyone looking to shake up their trajectory.”

- Chris, Vice President, Viacom Inc (Nickelodeon/MTV)

“There is so much talk about the shadow side of leadership and the inner game. Sanoop and his approach literally bring light to the leader’s quest and enables a clarity of purpose rapidly and embedded in our authenticity. His gift is that he enables all of us to reap the inner abundance we all possess and manifest it in practical and sustainable ways. A truly transformative and vital process.”

- Dawood, CEO, Reluctantly Brave